to be, rather than to seem

The thoughts that count

It has been a custom for me to receive ang pao (red packets) from the day I was born, on my first full month, on my first birthday and most importantly every lunar new year. As long as you are born into a Chinese family, ang pao will always be part of your life whether you are on the receiving end or giving end.

Amazingly for twenty seven years, I am still receiving ang pao. The perception of ang pao has changed over the years. From money to blessings, from a paper envelope to thoughts that count. Now that I am wiser, I come to term that it is of no obligation for one to give another person ang pao although it is of customary to do so. What prompts one to hand out ang pao to the younger generations is all about hoping that they will excel in their studies and carrier every year. It is the thoughts that count.

I can’t say thank you enough to those who still give me ang pao, especially to my parents and close relatives. Even some distant relatives still hand me ang pao when I pay them a visit.

This year I received more than 20 blessings!

Gong xi fa cai everyone!

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