When was the last time you moved mountains? Do the things you want to do? Take a leap of faith? Be a part of the solution instead of whining about social inequality? Sure, I believe we all at some point of time have asked ourselves those questions. Whether or not we are truthful in finding the answers or letting the on-the-spur-of-the-moment questions slip away, only we ourselves know.

I remember it was in year 2010 when I registered for the TEDxKL event. Somehow due to some reason which I couldn’t recall I missed that event. The following next two years I missed the registration. It was only this year when I saw the registration for the TEDxYouth@KL was published on the TEDxKL Facebook page that I told myself I really have to go.

TEDxYouth KL

The choice of venue this year is the Auditorium Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah at the Companies Commission of Malaysia Tower. The hall was filled with youth in their early twenties, mostly university or college students. The organisers were energetic and well-organised bunch of young adults who put in a lot of effort in making this conference a success. It was like I was being transported back to my university days when I was organising the nation’s largest motivational camp – PELTAC in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for two consecutive years.

TEDxYouth KL Conference

There are a total of 11 presenters, ranging from a teenage philanthropist Bosilika An to Ninie Ahmad a yoga teacher. And we were also entertained with songs by The Impatient Sisters and jokes by Dr Jason Leong who is a stand-up comedian. There was this magic performance by David Lai the mentalist. We have Sze Ning who shared with us her work with indigenous people and Liew Suet Li who shared with us her experience in the Teach For Malaysia program. On tech and business start-up, we have Lim Cheng Soon the founder of Hacker Monthly. Inspiring others to start doing something was Alex Au-Yong the crazy man who ran 100km for the START Society and also Lou Yeoh who has a strong belief in sparking fresh perspectives on education. Last but not least Su-Zen Low who talked about being vulnerable.

Soul and folk-pop music was performed by the band The Impatient Sisters.

TEDxYouth KL The Impatient Sisters

I think all the presenters delivered their messages loud and clear to the audience, that mountains are doable. Instead of complaining and whining in the mamak (favourite hang out place for Malaysia for supper), we ourselves have to go down the field to look at the problem and offer solutions.

My favourite quote is the one shared by Cheng Soon.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

TEDxYouth KL Hacker Monthly

The conference ended after 5 hours of mind boggling presentations. All in all I must say that this conference was well organised. You can live stream the talk here: www.tedxyouthkl.com or follow them on Facebook www.facebook.com/TEDxYouthKL and Twitter @tedxyouthkl.

TEDxYouth KL Final

Looking forward to the next event which is TEDxKL 2013, probably it’s going to be held in July 2013!

Ideas will remain as ideas on paper if not being translated into action. We can have leaders talk about great ideas and advocating charitable causes but it is the first follower that transformed a lone nut into a leader. Here’s a video on a leadership lesson from a dancing guy.

Ideas are worth spreading!