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How to remove iTunes purchase history

We all love to download apps, the free ones and the paid ones, occasionally the kinky ones as well. Over time our iTunes purchased history can get cluttered easily. Since the roll out of iOS 4.3.3, a huge privacy issue was of concern because anyone can just view your download history, especially your spouse and your kids. iTunes shows all your downloaded app right from the first day you performed your first app download.

Deleting apps from your iTunes does not solve the privacy issue. The history still shows up on your iPhone or iPad. What should you do?

When the iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5 were made available to public, a new Purchased history section was included to address this issue. It is now simple to delete entries from the “Purchased” section without affecting your iTunes library, no more trace.


1. Open iTunes.

2 Locate the “Store” section in the main menu pane on the left side of your screen. Select “Purchased”. The purchase history will be generated in the main window.

3. Click “Apps” at the bottom of “Purchased”. Hover over to the app with your mouse and a “x” will appear. Click on the ‘x’ and the OK button when iTunes prompt you.

This will hide the app from showing in your Purchase history, whether you access it on your iTunes, iPhone or iPad.

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  1. thanks for the tip and advice it really worked but how do you delete it permanently from your computer

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