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Closing the Curtain

For some today is the end of the year and hopefully the start of a new beginning. For those more fortunate, it’s just another perfect day…

Talk about that Kuching lad in KL, that’s me! It is always nice to go back to my hometown in Sarawak because that is where my roots are, and the friends and family I have down there. Kuching is my hometown, and I love it. I’ll probably have houses in other places, but that’s my home, and nobody’s kicking me out of there.

2012 Kuching

My second home is Kuala Lumpur, which is the ultimate city for 365 days of summer. No matter where life takes me, big cities or small towns, material things don’t matter. What matters is having strength of character, integrity, and a sense of self-worth. Never sell myself short.

2012 KL City

I did quite a lot travelling this year, some for work, while some for vacation. From Mukah and Sri Aman in Sarawak to Langkawi island, west coast of Perak to eastern state of Kelantan, and to the southern state of Melaka and my neighbouring country Singapore.

2012 Places

2012 Langkawi

2012 Singapore

Running started as a way of relaxing. It’s the only time I have to myself. No phones or e-mails. I concluded this year with four official runs – a half marathon, a 15.5km and two 10km. Running thought me a thing or two, the most important being “you cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.”

2012 Runs

2012 Running

I resolve to edge in a little reading every day, if it is but a single sentence. If I gain fifteen minutes a day, it will make itself felt at the end of the year. Books I read and is still continuing.

2012 Books

As Mark Twain puts it “part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” Being Chinese (and one eighth Peranakan), perhaps the most important aspect of the Chinese food culture is the importance of food itself in Chinese culture. I love my food!

2012 Food

My problem is I am an addictive personality, I cannot have one coffee. Coffee has been my most faithful companion every morning and throughout the day. It was a priviledge to have being selected to attend the Illy Coffee Workshop by TimeOut KL this year, it taught be me to distinguish between good coffee and bad coffee.

2012 Drinks


I have seen my share of lonely days. Walked on empty parks by myself, and have sat down to watch hundreds of sunsets pass me by on rolling hills. And I have found out that loneliness got the best of me. Sunrise and sunset awes me.

2012 Sunset

Before I conclude this piece of writing, written with gratitude, it really took me quite some time to think about getting myself a new laptop, DSLR and a new phone. They are not the cheapest thing nor the most expensive but are my greatest personal gadgets to capture the moment, to keep writing and to communicate with others.

2012 Items

Looking forward to 2013!


  1. Very well-written piece Daniel. its a good way to sum up the yearly experiences and it puts my thinking cap on as I reminisce the goals that I hit (and those that I missed) for the year 2012. Getting the camera, phone and laptop, the tools with which you use to keep writing and to keep in touch with friends is a testament to how connected we are all now as a global community. Keep up the good work Daniel! :)

  2. Well written and well structured. Thank you for sharing. You have a great New Year 2013. fill with glee and glow, lots of love and laughter..development of wealth(did I hear someone is eyeing a Porsche already–just like in one of Porsche advert- little boy in classroom, looks out of window,and sees a silver Porsche passing by, cycles to Porsche showroom, gets into one, ask for salesman business card and uttered ” I will see you in about…20 years”) and wisdom.


    To that, make sure always in great health (for more marathons) and filled with happiness glowing in peace and prosperity.


  3. Thank you Lionel and Andrew. I’m just lost for words with your positive feedbacks.

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