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A happy pair of Paez shoes

It’s been a while since I wanted to get myself a pair of comfortable alpargatas. It was this book “Start Something That Matters” written by Blake Mycoskie that I came across the alpargatas – shoes from Argentina. Widely known as TOMS, I could not find the shoes anywhere in Malaysia. Months went by after finish reading the book and gradually the craving for TOMS dwindled until it no longer appears.

Then, I stumbled a few colourful pairs of alpargatas in Sole What, a store selling different brands of shoes and apparels. It was not the TOMS that I wanted but another brand PAEZ. I was told by the salesgirl that PAEZ originates from Argentina and is as comfortable as TOMS, better yet selling at a much lesser price too!

Each shoe is made from a soft Argentine canvas and features a cushioned leather insole and a high quality EVA rubber sole. The centre elastic panel insures ultimate comfort and a great fit. It’s 100% handmade, born and raised in Argentina. – PAEZ

Since I walk a lot and I want something different from the trend following crowd I chose my very first alpargatas made by PAEZ.

Perfect! An early Christmas present for myself.

I have always played by the rule, picking ordinary leather and canvas shoes, the alpargatas is a breakthrough for me. Quant enough, they are the most comfortable shoes I own. The name? Super Nada Cool Negra! (Negra means black in Spanish)

The general rule of thumb of choosing alpagartas is to choose one size smaller. Size 41 fits just nice and my feet felt like being snugged comfortably by the cotton around and the rubber sole underneath.

More information on PAEZ here.

The only place I know selling PAEZ is Sole What which has branches in The Gardens (Kuala Lumpur), One Utama (Bandar Utama) and KSL City (Johor).

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