My Rayani Air refund predicament

What was supposed to be an excitement turned into an act of betrayal of customer’s trust by the Shariah-compliant airline – Rayani Air when it suspended its operation after just operating for a short glorious months.

I remember being super excited and was telling my family to give Rayani Air a try  instead of flying with the usual airlines. On 17 January 2016, we booked our flight home to attend our cousin’s wedding in May.

The nightmare begun on 9 April 2016 when the co-founder of  Rayani Air announced a temporary suspension of all its operation and promised a refund to affected customers. After learning the news, I immediately emailed the airline on 10 April to request for a refund, two days later they got back to me asking to provide details for the purpose of refund which I promptly replied them on the same day. A week later, the airline got back to me saying a refund is in the process and will take 30-90 working days.

I waited patiently and still being hopeful for a refund. However, on 13 June 2016 the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) announced that the airline’s Air Service Licence (ASL) had been revoked. Sensing something amiss I shot them an email on 1 July but never received a respond since. Phone calls also went unanswered.

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Off to Polska

Hello Polska!

The time has come. After months of planning financially, mentally and spiritually it’s about time to experience the pilgrimage of a life time – to gather with brethren all over the world for World Youth Day in Krakow.


In the words of Pope Benedict XVI,  “to go on pilgrimage really means to step out of ourselves in order to encounter God where he has revealed himself, where his grace has shone with particular splendour and produced rich fruits of conversion and holiness among those who believe.”

Goodbye Malaysia!

WYD Preparation Update

Just a quick update. I would like to start writing again – short updates as I prepare for the upcoming World Youth Day in Krakow. Being the “planner” that I am, I pinned most of the important venues on Google Maps so that my friends and other pilgrims can make good use of the map.

You’ll be able to find the Blonia Park (Opening Mass), Campus Misericordia at Brzegi (Vigil & Papal Mass) as well as other tourist attractions around Krakow. Links are also attached to the venue for further reading.

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The Long Break

A quarter year has just passed! Poof! While I was a way few things happened…

Family matters

Little did I realise the impact of my parents growing older to us children. Though they are still healthy and able to walk, they are no longer the energetic mum and dad of my childhood years. My parents came over and stayed with me for a month, in between I brought my dad to see a trusted cardiologist, a friend of my uncle. It was necessary to seek a second opinion,  the doctors who treated him in Borneo Medical Centre couldn’t give us a closure of what was wrong with his health despite us paying hefty medical bills. Now that we know that his health is okay and he just have to take his medication religiously, we are less worried now.

The quitting thought

I have, for some time, considered quitting blogging. I hesitated for almost a week whether or not to renew this expiring domain. I renewed the domain, at last! Call me indecisive.  Most times I do not know what to do with this blog, hence the thought of shutting down this blog. But then there are sugary memories. Such irony!

The stress

Life is without doubt stressful. Work is stressful with piles of applications to go through and several projects to manage. Other than that work is pretty manageable. Being an introvert, people related issues stressed me up more than anything else. I try to shut myself off from these negative people. The people in my life should be a source of reducing stress, not causing more to it.

The planning

While I was away I’ve charted out some plans for this year. The primary being sitting for my professional engineer assessment. Next up the upcoming World Youth Day pilgrimage and Europe trip, I’m looking forward to this trip. I missed the three WYDs (Sydney, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro). Finally after 8 years!

The coming back

I hope it’s not to late to wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter! After a long hiatus from choir, by God’s grace I was asked to sing the Easter Proclamation (Exsultet) on this very special Easter Vigil where Christians anticipate the joy of Christ’s resurrection.





Not a Collector


I’ve got to admit that I make impulse purchase for a great number of times thinking it’s cool to have this planner or that spanking new toy.

I ended up not writing on that Starbucks planner, or taking pictures with the camera anymore, or wearing that blazer I thought was cool, or that special edition Starbucks’s tumbler, or that facial wash, or that extra earphones I thought I needed as a spare.

“It all depends on whether you have things, or they have you.” ~Robert A. Cook

Experience and passage of time has taught me to adjust my priorities and my wants vs needs, hence forth this post after a long hiatus.

To remind myself not to make any more impulse purchase, I’ve started selling off the items I no longer collect or use. By getting rid of the stuffs I owned, I’m learning to detach myself from material things. It’s no shame to admit that most people love their stuffs, and they love acquiring more stuffs.

For us guys, we do not have that much of emotional attachment towards material stuffs. I know my sister wouldn’t give away her unwanted items let alone earning some income by selling her used goods.

Also by selling off those things that I never used and don’t really care about, I’m creating more physical space for my house. The money goes to my savings for the upcoming World Youth Day and also paying of debt. The clothes that I do not fancy wearing will be donated to someone else.

My money habit for this year is experience over things – stop spending, scale back, live lean..