Timing is everything

When the stars line up and you catch a good break, and people think you’re lucky but you know it’s grace. It can happen so fast or a little bit late, timing is everything.

You know I’ve had close calls when it could have been me. I was young when I learned just how fragile life could be. I lost friends of mine, I guess it wasn’t my time, timing is everything.

I could have been a child that got took home and I would have been one more unfinished song. When it seems a rhyme is hard to find, that’s when one comes along just in time.

When I remember that day when our eyes first meet, you ran into the building to get out of the rain because you were soaking wet. And as I held the door you wanted to know my name, timing is everything.

I could have been another minute late and you never would have crossed my path that day. When it seems true love is hard to find, that’s when love comes along just in time.

Well you can call it fate or destiny, sometimes it really seems like it’s a mystery because you can be hurt by love or healed by the same. Timing is everything and it can happen so fast or a little bit late.

  • Adapted from the original soundtrack of Country Song – Timing is Everything

Reading on a Nook

nook (n)
definition: (1) a corner or recess, esp. one offering seclusion or security, (2) an e-reader marketed by Barnes and Noble.

Given my soft spot for tech and books, it should come as no surprise that I carry a book most of the time.  I do not have a particular nook to withdraw to when I want to read but I have a Nook when I want to read.

I associate reading with intellectual. As Anne E. Cunningham, a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley puts it “reading has cognitive consequences that extend beyond its immediate task of lifting meaning from a particular passage. Furthermore, these consequences are reciprocal and exponential in nature. Accumulated over time—spiraling either upward or downward—they carry profound implications for the development of a wide range of cognitive capabilities.”

I’ve always wanted to own an ebook reader for its convenience and to be able to read day or night without having to strain my hands for holding a real book too long. Thus I ordered a Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light from the UK through a friend. The amazing thing about friends is they give you surprises when you least expect them. This friend of mine gave to me the Nook which I ordered. Tears of joy.

Nook-box Nook-reader Nook-light

The Nook ereader is really an amazing thing. The display is just like what you see when reading a real book. I like the rubber back, it gives a better grip and feels just nice, not too warm or cold especially with aluminium casing. I have previously owned an iPad, Nexus 7 and a few other tablets but all of them do not offer me the experience of reading on an e-ink.

As of now I am reading Sidney Poitier’s The Measure of a Man. Sidney, a husband, a father and an actor looks back on his celebrated life and career where he explores elements of character and personal values to take his own measure as a man.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Maxis & DiGi Comparison

Galaxy S5 img

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available for pre-orders on both Maxis and DiGi. Both telcos offer the Galaxy S5 with 16GB storage capacity priced outright at RM2,399. Only Charcoal Black and Shimmery White are available from the two telcos, you might want to wait for the Electric Blue or Copper Gold to reach the Malaysian shore.

The device can be yours as low as RM1,399 from Maxis and RM1,199 from DiGi with a 24 months contract. Now that the two telcos have announced their plans, it comes to us as consumers to choose what is the best value for us in the long run. I have made a comparison using the official released plan options from Maxis and DiGi. Maxis offers 3 SurfMore plans and 3 TalkMore plans, however since SurfMore30 is a supplementary plan so I shall exclude it in the comparison. On the other DiGi only offers 3 SmartPlan plans. While Maxis offers 12 months and 24 months contract tenure options, DiGi only offers a single contract tenure option of 24 months.

I am going to let the comparison tables do the talking. Here you go:

Galaxy S5 Maxis vs DiGi

What’s the total cost of owning a Samsung Galaxy S5? What’s the amount to pay when purchasing the device and plan online?

The total cost of ownership is based on the device price + (plan options x contract tenure). Additional cost such as extra voice/sms usage and GST are not included for this purpose. The payment to be made at purchase is the summation of device price, device advance payment and plan advance payment.

Galaxy S5 Ownership

The decision is yours to make. I hope with such a comparison it gives you a better idea when you decide on getting yourself the new rugged (water & dust resistant IP67) Galaxy S5 that comes with a 5.1″ Full HD Super AMOLED display, 16 megapixel camera, 2.5Ghz Quad-core CPU and Android KitKat. Don’t just let the price do the talking, think about the quality of service provided and LTE coverage by the telco as well. Also DiGi lets you make an 0% easy payment instalment for 24 months.

P.S.: RM10 rebate x 12 months for those who purchase the device from Maxis online store.