Two more days

In the blink of an eye we will be saying our good-bye. Dear friend, even though I will miss you but deep down I feel happy for you have set a clear goal to pursue. Our encounter, though short, is meaningful.

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Thank you bro for journeying with me during last Lent, the constant reminders to live out our lives as catholic men and a life pleasing to God, the buzz to go for confession, introducing me to the podcast and lending me books.

I appreciate your ‘defying all odds’ moment driving two hours from your place just to attend Holy Chrism mass at St. John’s Cathedral. I value your companion throughout the retreat in Penang by Fr. Ignatius Huan. How we think that Choice is a cupid club and vowed to never attend unless someone reveals us the true content.

I will remember your simple gestures and your kindness towards the old folks at Little Sisters of the Poor. In your absence, I will visit them nuns and priests once a while.

Your dream of me singing the Exultet on Easter Vigil certainly did not turn out to be a reality, nonetheless I still managed to carry through the gospel acclamation for Easter Vigil and the psalm for the late French nun at LSP.

Despite the many rounds of hiking and swimming session, we seemed to put on weight, no thanks to your penchant for good food and wine.

Distance is not an obstacle, rather a great reminder of just how strong true friendship can be. I thank God that our paths crossed.

Farewell Mark! Till we meet again.

Minor accident involving a motorcyclist

Hi folks, just wanted to share my recent experience involving an accident with a motorcyclist. It was a fine Sunday evening when I drove out to the neighbourhood petrol station to fuel up my tank. Luck simply wasn’t on my side that day. A motorcyclist rammed right into my back, which was stationary with its right signal light on.

Bam! I heard a loud bang and saw an idiot young kid picking up his motorcycle. I got down from my car and my first reaction was “Hey kid, why did you ram into me! Can’t you see that my car is here with the signal light blinking?”

Minor Accident

I didn’t help him up as he was able to get up by himself. I told him to move a side to the road so that I can evaluate the damages on both vehicles. My car suffered from a dented bumper, bonnet and a broken rear lamp! Where as his Yamaha Legend suffered some minor scratches and broken front lamp. He is at wrong! An underage kid without a proper license riding his friend’s motorcycle.

Not really sure with the next course of action to take, I called up Toyota Assist, explained to the lady about what had happened. Since it’s an accident involving a motorcycle and car, she further explained that there’s no way I can claim insurance from the motorcyclist. Any claims will be from my own insurance coverage, gone is my NCD of 30% for next year.

I took down his name, phone number and address. He’s a muslim. He told me it’s Ramadhan (holy month) and would pay me by installment after I get my car repaired but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

We parted. I went to lodge a police report, a necessary procedure in order to file a claim from my insurance provider. Met with Konstable Andy who happens to be a Sarawakian, he assisted me with the report and later on I proceeded to  be interviewed by Sergeant Zaini. I told him about the underage kid driving without license but he seem disinterested at all, he even suggested that it’s due to my negligence for stopping at the roadside. I reasoned with him that it wasn’t my fault, I was waiting for my right-of-way to make the right turn while this kiddo rammed into me. Hearing such jargon, he toned down a little.

Police report lodged. Yet to know the investigation result as it still depend if the other party is going to lodge a report within the 24 hour time frame, at the time of writing it is still a non-injury case. Whatever the finding is, it doesn’t matter since I’m going file the own damage claim under my own policy.

To Farhan who was driving a Yamaha Legend bearing plate number WUR9610, I have only this to say to you:

“Selamat petang Farhan. Semalam adik yang langgar kereta saya. Saya rasa adik tipu saya sebab alamat yang diberi Jalan PUJ 5/11 tidak wujud pun. Tak apa lah kalau u tak jujur, apa-apa pun itu antara u dengan tuhan selepas akhirat nanti. Saya amat kesal dengan sikap yang tak jujur lebih-lebih lagi saya percaya adik dalam bulan Ramadhan ini.”

Screenshot (10_24PM, Jul 14, 2015)

Until now he has not replied my Whatsapp message nor text. His Whatsapp status shows he was last seen on 29 June 2015. I forgive you for what you have done, your action it’s between you and your God on judgement day.

One word – SUEY! If I knew I would not drive out to fuel up my tank lar. The real inconvenience is when the car is sent to the workshop for parts replacement and painting. Big sigh.

A bowl of laksa


Boy, must I say I have been really occupied with work lately. It’s a challenging job, with several construction projects under my supervision and overlooking urban drainage planning requirements. I used to lament that my pigeon hole is usually empty in my old work place, these days I can’t wait to see my pigeon hole empty, such irony. Most days I get home exhausted, thinking how to solve the mounting problems. Some days I get home satisfied, having made small accomplishments. That’s just me, wanting to get work done.

Life is best enjoyed with a bowl of Sarawak laksa.

One of the two laksa place I frequent in Klang Valley is Aunt Christina’s Sarawak Laksa in Lucky Garden, Bangsar and the other one is Hai Siang Kopitiam in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Not a food critic, but my personal preference goes to the former. The price tallies with the portion, gravy is to my liking. The latter is a tad bit pricier but the place is more hygienic.


Whatever it is, I still enjoy my bowl of laksa with a squeeze of lime and a spoonful of sambal belacan.

Frustration with Windows Phone

I don’t always get frustrated with things or people, but when I do it really get into the core of me. After using Windows Phone for almost a year, I’ve grown frustrated enough to ditch the mobile platform. The app gap is really a huge problem. The lack of new feature updates for the apps and the very fact that Microsoft have more apps on iOS and Android than on Windows Phone itself is frustrating.


  1. While my friends get to call each other via Whatsapp call, I’m stuck with Whatsapp chat. Likewise for Facebook Messenger. No voice call, no video call.
  2. Instagram is forever stuck at BETA stage. There’s no video upload, direct message or new filters. Though there’s a 3rd-party app 6tag but the experience is just not the same as the official app. Other official apps like Facebook and Twitter hardly get updated with new features, stuck with same old same old.
  3. While iOS supports Google products, i.e. Hangouts, Google+, Maps, Translate etc, these essential apps are not available on Windows Phone.
  4. There are a lot of productivity apps missing from the platform, as an engineer I’d aspect to have AutoCad viewer to look at construction drawings and also a well-built scientific calculator.
  5. Banking, booking movie tickets or paying phone bills is a dream. All the big banks and telcos don’t support the platform. The only local apps I can find – AirAsia and GSC.
  6. My last straw has to be when Facebook killed the Facebook Connects features. Events, birthdays, contacts and photos now don’t sync to the phone. Sharing photos and videos from photo gallery/ One Drive is no longer possible as well. The Facebook app itself is a dismay – can’t select custom friend list or post a status with mood (how are you feeling?).

Despite my frustration with Windows Phone, one thing that I really like about my Nokia Lumia 830 is the camera and Lumia Creative Studio and Moments app. Those are really good photo app which I’m going to miss.

Mango rash

This is something I learn about mangoes. It is delicious. It is toxic as well. I didn’t know it until two weeks ago when my friend and I went for a mango-plucking spree.

We had a great time plucking mangoes from the tree right in front of his house, taking turns plucking with a rod and catching the falling mangoes with a basket.

While catching mangoes, some of the sap dripped on my arms. Initially it felt like some kind of burning sensation. The sap was sticky so I washed it off with soap after having feeling satisfied with our catch, three bagful of mangoes.

The following day, rashes started to appear. It was itchy. Thinking it was just a normal rash, I apply some hydrocortisone cream whenever I feel the itch. Things started to get better it seems.

After a week or so, not only did the red patches not resolve, it spreads and become intolerable – redness, hives and itchiness… So itchy I could hardly get a good night sleep. I am allergic to mango sap!

Thanks to my cousin doctor, I am now on prednisone (a corticosteroid for anti-inflammation) and dermovate ointment to get rid of the allergy.

Not so glorious pictures of my left hand and my right hand on day two of treatment/medication.

Things are getting a little better. It is still itchy but not to the point of scratching them, learning to tame myself.

What probably most of us urban guys don’t know is that the stem which holds the mango contains urushiol in its sap (oil). When you break the stem, the mango become a chemical weapon that when in contact with your skin can cause allergic contact dermatitis.

For my case, the reaction happened after 12 hours and got worse after two weeks. There you go, always be careful with mango sap.

I love eating mango still. 🍋 🍋🍋